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Training Programs

In all of our FAA approved training programs, our students receive individualized and professional instruction, guided by our industry experts. Take a look below at our programs available:

Private Pilot (ASEL) Training Program

This is where it all begins and the foundation is laid! Whether wanting to be a 'weekend warrior' or a professional aviator, getting your Private Pilot's License is the first step in that process. Upon completion, you'll be able to fly the friendly skies by yourself, or bring family and friends along for the ride!

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Instrument Rating (Airplane) Program

Is your head constantly stuck in the clouds? Then, go fly in them! By learning how to navigate and fly solely by what you see inside the flight deck, rather than out, you'll make yourself a safer, more efficient pilot.

Commercial Pilot (ASEL) Training Program

You love to fly, so why not get paid to do it? Our commercial pilot training program will challenge you and elevate your flying skills and prepare you for whatever your future career may hold. After successful completion of this program, you will be able to call yourself a 'professional pilot.'


Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Training Program

Take all of your hard work and training and pass it along! You've learned, practiced and mastered all of the skills necessary as a professional pilot, now you'll learn how to become an effective and competent teacher. Upon completion, select candidates will be considered for future employment with Atlanta Air Academy.

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