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Welcome aboard, Daniel Davis!

We want to welcome Daniel Davis to our team! He is a new Flight instructor (CFI, CFII). We are excited about him joining Atlanta Air Academy Team and look forward to the impact he will make with our students

More about Daniel:

"I grew up in the Atlanta area in a family of pilots. As a kid, I loved traveling and seeing the world from the window seat. As I got older, I developed a passion to understand and fix anything mechanical, mostly bicycles and cars. After graduating from Georgia Tech in 2012, I worked, traveled and lived in some cool places, but unfortunately never all at once. Eventually, I came to my senses, climbed into a cockpit, and realized I’d found something that satisfied all my interests. I’ve been flying since mid-2019 and instructing since the end of 2020. I really enjoyed my pilot training, especially having those “aha” moments, and my goal as an instructor is to show students the path to understanding and success during their own training. Outside of flying, you can find me golfing, biking, practicing yoga, or just enjoying some fresh air."



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